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Friday Reads

January 21, 2011

What is #fridayreads?

#fridayreads began as a hashtag on Twitter. Every Friday, people posted  what they’re reading with this tag, egged on by @thebookmaven
Then, over the next few months the numbers sharing moved through the low hundreds to finally crest a thousand. Then, sometime around October 2010, I stumbled across the phenomena at about the time that the bookmaven was pushing for it to crest the two thousand mark.
I thought to myself, that’s a neat idea. I’ll share.
I was back the following Friday. I shared again.
And began re-tweeting it to my followers.
It was at this point I moved past addicted and became evangelical.
It seemed to me that, as a writer, if I had a crowd of people that were getting behind this and tweeting my book, imagine how big an audience that would put my work in front of…WEEKLY.
At the time of going to press it was a fairly sizeable – the week previous to this blog going up there were over 5,300 individual #fridayreads.
And if every one of those tweets is published by someone with a 1,000 followers that’s an enormous market.
That’s when it struck me. The beauty of all this – the ethos behind Friday Reads – is the genuine homespun goodness of it all.
There is no corporation behind it.
It’s just people who love books, recommending books to everyone else. If an author does well in this list, it’s because people are *reading* the books, not just buying them. Best seller lists are full of the best promoted books. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But the Friday Reads top-read list is just that.
Real people, reading real books.
And it’s not just books. Audio books count. As do e-books (see, finger on the pulse again).
So if you read or if you write, I would advise you to get online and start sharing.
There used to be a lot of links on this page but (as of 17th June 2011) the new all singing, all dancing Friday Reads website has gone live:
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  1. Hello! I represent @ureadshop on Twitter, and we’d like to represent Friday Reads in India. There’s a huge readership of English literature in India and being an online bookstore, with a vastly expanding network, we currently deliver in every corner of India (all are discounted books with no delivery charges) and ship worldwide as well (sometimes even faster than Amazon ;)). So we’re doing our bit to encourage reading and I’m certain our inclusion in the Friday Reads would be a good thing. Our Facebook page – recommends a new title to our fans and everyday and we continue the good work on Twitter as well. Let us know how we can participate :)

    • This is great to hear. Encourage any and all of your customers to share the title of the current read, either on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #Fridayreads and get them to add @ureadshop to track how many of your customers are joining in! Best of luck and I wish you well :D

  2. Linda Cauble permalink

    Help! On the new Fridayreads website I can’t follow the thousands of twitters that used to come in and that was the highlight on Friday. I get a couple but with the old website I could read everyone’s title and I loved that. Any ideas? Linda

  3. Great idea!

    The MASter and Margarita is my #FridayREad

  4. Good Work by E.F.Schumacher – an old favourite, now re-reading :)

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